Everybody needs to run from time to time. What else is your legs about? Use’ em!!!!!!! Running is a perfect way to be alone with your thoughts. Does anyone dare to be alone with their one thoughts nowadays? Everyone seems to have those little earplugs in their ears….ALL THE TIME. It’s amazing, don’t you think. How can you even think straight with them plugged in? If you go running, try to listen to the sounds around you instead of the music or whatever that is you are listening to….. Now is the time to go out running. The spring is here….at last. And I love it!




13 Responses to “Running”

  1. I think this is an interesting opinion that I hear all the time. I agree that you feel more connected with nature when you can hear the leaves crunching under your feet. However, I run on average 5 days a week and I love music. I am married and have 3 small children. I look forward to running – so that I be alone with my music. I love my family and I share my music with my family. But, I can rarely concentrate on the structure of a song or the lyrics with my children needing my attention. Without my ipod I would probably run 2 days a week. It is a huge inspiration for me. But, I hear what you are saying as well.

    • Isn’t it interesting that I’m married and have 3 children as well? I think I only wrote this to provoke. Because I need the music too when I’m running…. Well the sun is shining but I am cold and longing to begin running as the spring now is near here in the northern of Sweden

  2. I always think I should listen to the music, but I never do it. Partly it is because I usually run with a partly, and then when I run alone I forget to bring music with me, and partly because I think I want to hear nature, but of course I run on a crowded path, so that wouldn’t really happen. So, it’s mostly because of the first reason.

  3. 4 Raul Alanis

    I love running! But, I can’t run as far without my I-Pod…it’s great for striking emotion into your run. Plus, if I am running a race it definitely helps to add upbeat music to move me along quickly.

  4. Yes use music but get the right mix, you dont want to be overly stimulated and burn out on your run…

  5. i have been running for 5 years now and can count on one hand the number of times i’ve used an ipod. i listen to music in the car right before i run and that usually gets me motivated to get started. but seriously.. does no one else crave that quiet time to daydream and enjoy some free-thought and reflect a little on life? running has helped me a lot with some emotional problems i’ve had and i used to attribute that to endorphins or the increase in body temperature. now i think that the true benefit comes from that quiet time of being able to process what’s going on in my life and the world around me. there is also something so therapeutic in hearing the sound of my breathing and my footsteps. it kind of brings me back to reality in a way. however, i think every person should run however they enjoy it the most – people run for different reasons i guess. =)

  6. My running programs get you out of your head and focused on a mantra. The So-Hum mantra is very powerful for meditating. So I developed programs for people to meditate while running.

  7. I got into running by signing up for a Ragnar Relay. If you’ve never heard of one, google it. You run 200 miles with 11 friends, each running 13 to 21 miles or so, but in digestable chunks. I had to run a 2 6 milers and a 7 miler for 19 miles total. But trust me, it motivates you to train when you have 11 friends pushing you. Now I have the bug, and can’t wait for the spring!!

  8. 9 Karin

    I love running as well, in particular stairs. I only can recommend any one to add some type of running to his or her routine. It helps with stress, prevents becoming sick and boost your mood.

    Sincerely Karin

  9. 10 Andreas

    I love running stairs, nice information, keep it this way 

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  10. 11 fasteruphill

    Good point and interesting post! An interesting point is that less serious runners tend to perform better using distraction (from their physical pain, presumably) such as music, thoughts, or imagery, whereas more serious runners at a higher level perform better (and seem to prefer) by focusing in on their physical state – being aware of their bodily sensations, the surface underfoot, etc. Personally I favour Woody Allan’s adage of “whatever works” for the individual, but I went running on a trail in the hills the other night with no music and the experience was pretty unbeatable – just the beautiful trees, plants, the muddy trail, and lots of animals and insects. I wouldn’t have had any of that experience if I insulated myself from my environment with music. But for running in city streets or parks, I can get pretty bored and audiobooks or music are great. So here’s a proposal: maybe we need to be innovating to make our runs more interesting. Trails? Improvised parkours? 🙂

    • I absolutely think that one needs to be without music sometimes and expecially when running in the woods, mountains and similar. It’s a great experience to do that. I remember one time I went out running and came back with a smile on my lips when I found a narrow trail going up and down in a nearby forest and I ran like never before. It was pure fun…..

  11. I totally agree with you that running is a great time to be alone with your thoughts. Lately I’ve been running without music as well, and it has truly allowed me to sort out any thoughts and problems I may have. As a result, I often finish a run feeling refreshed, and much more put-together than I did before the run. Keep up the good work!



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