The Environment


Why is everybody talking about the environment? Is it really that important? The answer is definetely YES! We have been polluting and destroying it the last 100 years. If we go on like this, there will be no world left to live in. It will die. Thats for sure.



Do you doubt in that? If you do, then stop reading now. What do you do for the environment? I do not overconsume, I go by bike as often I can, I power off my electronic toys when I don’t use them and I am careful with what I eat. I would love to have the opportunity to have lots of cars, lots of houses, boats, bikes, snowmobiles and play with them as often as I like. But I don’t have the opportunity. And I don’t care. Thats not what life is about. If you think it is, think again. Do you really think those that have all these things are happy? They are not. They just go on chasing more toys and they are never satisfied because they need something else. Thats their problems, not mine. If you really want to do something for the environment, then do it now. Soon it will be too late anyway. You can do whatever you like but the most important is that you care and do something.


8 Responses to “The Environment”

  1. Interesting Page. Another good way to go green and help the environment is to replace your old bulbs with flourescent bulbs. A small amount of mercury in them I agree, but this is offset by less energy use and longer life.

    • Hi there,
      It’s so great to see another eviromentalist on the blogging scene lol. Interesting page. Very insightful and you know what you’re talking about.

  2. 3 Jarrod

    This short film lays some of realities of climate change:

  3. Even little steps help to preserve our earth. Recycling and conserving energy at home and work adds up. If everyone does their part, we can begin to build an environmentally friendly attitude towards our daily activites.

  4. Hi, interesting blog! Please support our campaign to get rid of 13 million plastic bottles every eyar that are left in Venice by its 20 million annual visitors. See for details and take 10 seconds to sign our petition and help a good environmental cause!

  5. The ironic thing is that although prosperity is often linked with consumption – how much stuff we have – peoples’ perception of their happiness has not increased. We all seem to think material possessions make us happier…but maybe in reality, they don’t.

  6. Indeed, the environment is important; in fact, the degradation of the environment is a real world issue that affects the poorest communities among us. Those in positions of power/wealth are essentially immune to that environmental hazard. Perhaps that is why many debate the “importance” of environment, because it is a concern that is non-existent in their world.

  7. Thanks for the post

    if you have time, check out an environmental awareness animation i recently made:

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