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Do you like travelling? I do. I really love the opportunity to see and live in different places in the world. I have been to some real interesting places but I have many places left to go to. The idea of traveling for me is to relax but in an active way. I don’t like […]



What TV-show do you like? I recently discovered that they are all the same, more or less, at least the American TV-shows. And the people in them they are and all look almost the same. It is quite annoying when you think of it. And when you see a successful show or concept in the […]

Rock’n Roll


Rock’n Roll matters and makes my life go round. Bruce Springsteen, ZZ Top, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath Guns ‘n Roses and of course, Queen is on my list. But that’s only a top of an iceberg. I like almost every kind of music, but not experimental Jazz, Speed or Trash metal and Tecno. in a […]



Carroll Shelby knew what he was doing. He created a legend among cars. This is a dream car all categories. A car that was the hairiest car worldwide, when it was released. It is really a beauty, to see, hear, drive and own. You could not invest your money in a better car. But still, […]

I really like inline skating. It is the most easiest thing to go out exercising. You can do it when you are in the wrong mood and come back happy. The worst part is to learn how to skate. After that, it’s a piece of cake. I went yesterday at 10.00 pm for about 10 […]