Carroll Shelby knew what he was doing. He created a legend among cars. This is a dream car all categories. A car that was the hairiest car worldwide, when it was released. It is really a beauty, to see, hear, drive and own. You could not invest your money in a better car. But still, there are other cars, but not other cars as this one. The engine is pure power with its over 500 hp and a weight about 1 350 kg it went faster than any other car. It is a real joy to see one and to ride one. I have 2 in my city, and I have seen one of them several times on my block. My heart use to go faster when I see one. I see them every summer and wish that I had one. I have to buy one at least before I die.

1967 Shelby GT 500

1967 Shelby GT 500


2 Responses to “ShelbyCars”

  1. Very good Sir.

    I some photos in my blog about Shelby Cobra CSX from the year 1966 with has 800 hp and Shelby GT 500 Supersnake with 800 hp also.

    These are Cars, I think so.

    Happy blogging.

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