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My new site is finally done. Be a real car fan and visit it. Advertisements

I have been busy. I have started a new blog in swedish at but I’m back now. I’ll write somet things that concerns me in the next few days.

Rock’n Roll


Rock’n Roll matters and makes my life go round. Bruce Springsteen, ZZ Top, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath Guns ‘n Roses and of course, Queen is on my list. But that’s only a top of an iceberg. I like almost every kind of music, but not experimental Jazz, Speed or Trash metal and Tecno. in a […]



Everybody needs to run from time to time. What else is your legs about? Use’ em!!!!!!! Running is a perfect way to be alone with your thoughts. Does anyone dare to be alone with their one thoughts nowadays? Everyone seems to have those little earplugs in their ears….ALL THE TIME. It’s amazing, don’t you think. […]

The Open Source website is finally released. The initial work is done. Now we only have make it better and then best. Open Source is very dear to me and my friends and we can all benefit from that movement, and of course contribute to it. In case you have’nt heard of Open Source […]