169 days left


It is easier and easier to go out running each day. I am keeping up the good work…..have a look:




193 days left…..


Yesterday it was 5 km in 35 minutes….at a slow pace on the belt….very heavy…..

This Saturday I was running on the belt at the gym, 5 km in 31 minutes. A pretty decent result weighing as much as I do. Keep up the good work.

I am getting better and better on WordPress. And I love It. I am getting worse and worse on running and I hate it. It is -1 Celsius outside today, first day since october it is as warm as that. This has been the most snowy and coldest winter in a long long time…..but the summer is in sight.

Anyway, my new site is ready so WELCOME, I will fix the translation this weekend:

My new site


I must promote my new site Motorgalen.se, about cars, and american vintage cars in particular….

My new site www.leftmind.se is finally done. Be a real car fan and visit it.

I have been busy. I have started a new blog in swedish at http://blogg.vk.se/vardagsmat but I’m back now. I’ll write somet things that concerns me in the next few days.



Children is what living is about. They can be a pain in the ass, but at the same time, wonderful. It is difficult to talk about children with those who not have any, but you still have to try, because almost everybody have been a child in the beginning of their life. So we all know how it can be to be a child.